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A trend in fall fashions will include clothing with embellishments:  Don’t wear embellishments from head to toe; instead choose one piece of embellished clothing to wear as an accent.

Wear styles that flatter your body shape: Wear what works for you. Wide legged pants are in style for the fall but be careful if you are petite or fuller figured. Wide legs can make you look shorter and wider.

Do not be overly matched: A trend for fall is to mix and match prints and patterns. Be sure to keep them in the same color family though.

Mixing fabrics is also a must for fall: Velvet is stylish for cooler fall weather. Don’t wear a velvet jacket with velvet pants. Instead, pair your jacket with a pleated skirt or a pair of jeans for a stylish look.

The old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day still applies but exceptions do exist: Winter whites or off whites are perfectly acceptable. A pair of white pants can look great with a warm sweater in one of fall’s fashion colors.

Fall is a time to wear darker, richer colors: Save pastels for spring or summer. Put away your crisp, white jeans and wear darker denim or black jeans for fall.

Don’t overlook your fall accessories: Wearing sandals or flip flops with fall attire does not work. Choose closed toe shoes or boots to complete your outfit. Oversized accessories are in style and look great with most fashions.