A new year brings a myriad wonderful new opportunities. Opportunity looks like eating healthier and de-cluttering the home, for some; for others,  it looks like pushing themselves to read more or advocate for a raise at their place of employment.

For fashion-forward folks in the business, opportunities in the new year look like crafting new garments, pleasing new crowds and setting new trends. Here at My Trendy Place, we happen to appreciate these stylists and all of the hot looks that they are creating.

In honor of Vogue Magazines‘s Spring Fashion Show piece, we have gathered eleven signature pieces from our own collection that flow seamlessly with the top eleven projected fashion trends for Spring 2016. We hope that in this two part blog series, you find fitting, fashionable choices that work for your figure and complement this season’s looks.

After all – no trendy gal is complete and ready to tackle her day without a killer, in-season outfit stitched together with love, poise and commitment from yours truly.


1.  Off the Shoulder

This Spring is all about showing off those sexy shoulders. Our Off-Shoulder dress is perfect for a flattering finish! Click to purchase.



2. Bedroom

Lace is in – in a variety of ways this season. The first is by replicating that sultry bedroom look. Our Lace Carmen Gown will have everyone’s jaw dropping. Click to purchase.

3. Sparkle

What lady doesn’t love a little sparkle! Dazzle your friends with our Gold Sequin leggings for a funky, fresh look. Click to purchase.

4. Romantic

Dress every day as if it’s date night. Classy whites, off whites and laces are fitting for this trend. Our Champagne Silk Top (available here) and Sexy Dress with Panel (available here) are both great assets.

image image


5. Emotion

Take your emotions to your clothing – focus on a great outfit that will bring you back to better times with our Vintage top, perfect for every occasion. Click to purchase (comes in pink and black!).



That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for 6-11. – MTP